Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2022

INTERNATIONAL | Touchless parking solution comes to Trenton

Flowbird Group, a global leader in curb management and urban mobility solutions, together with its local distribution partner DEVO & Associates, has launched the Flowbird App in New Jersey’s state capital Trenton. The smart mobile parking solution allows users to find and pay for parking spaces using their smartphone.
The Flowbird app was officially launched in Trenton at the end of February and covers around 800 parking spaces, including all on-street parking and city-owned parking. Accounts can be set up for individual drivers or for businesses to manage their fleets. Flowbird’s application has a map-based interface that integrates with Waze and other navigation systems to guide users to their preferred parking space. The GPS-enabled map also allows users to select their parking location without manually entering a zone code.
Users can be reminded when their parking time has expired. They can extend their time directly from their mobile device. The app also guides the user back to the original parking location. The city will also benefit from the back-office management suite, says Flowbird. The system integrates reporting of all meter and mobile transactions, making it easier to manage the parking system on a minute-by-minute basis while making informed decisions for the future.
Enforcement officers have web-based access to the Flowbird SmartCenter enforcement module, which allows them to check the status of all licence plates. When a ticket needs to be issued, officers use their current ticketing solution installed on their handheld devices. The City of Trenton joins several other New Jersey cities using the Flowbird app, including Dover, Linden, Loch Arbour, New Providence and Rahway. The Flowbird app is now available at more than 100 car parks across the US and generated more than 26 million transactions worldwide in 2020.n

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