Samstag, 20. Juli 2024

INTERNATIONAL | IEM installed 960 solar-powered parking meters in Antwerp

Parking meters like this are installed all over the city of Antwerp. – Photo: IEM Group

The Belgian port city of Antwerp in Belgium has implemented a more environmentally friendly policy by adopting a “Low Emission Zone” (LEZ). This low-emission zone prohibits the entry of the most polluting vehicles into the city center. In this context, IEM, in collaboration with the parking operator Indigo and the Belgian dealer Krautli, has equipped the city with 960 solar-powered parking meters. PrestoInteractif combines technology and sustainability by issuing parking tickets and permits; called “laisser passer” in the LEZ of the entire city center. The number of permits is limited because there is a registration system. Through the exchange with the server, unauthorized vehicles are detected in the LEZ and help the city in its project to better manage and enforce mobility, parking and environmental protection. The checks are carried out by cameras with license plate recognition. IEM has extensive know-how in street parking. Their technology makes them 100% autonomous thanks to solar energy and they dynamically integrate with multiple sources of information that allow to qualify the different permits of each vehicle.

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