Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2021

INTERNATIONAL | Regulation of vehicle access in Antwerp’s city centre

New city access solution: FAAC bollards will be installed by Krautli in Antwerp, controlled by Nedap MOOV software. – Photo: Nedap

The Belgian city of Antwerp has opted to equip its city with a modernized city access solution. This solution, which limits traffic flows, was chosen in order to keep its city centre safe and liveable for both residents and visitors. Nedap’s MOOV City Access platform and vehicle identification solutions will be implemented into the FAAC vehicle regulation solution to regulate vehicle access and as well optimize the traffic flows. Antwerp is a known major destination in Belgium and has about 529,000 inhabitants, making it the second largest and one of most visited cities in Belgium. Besides its size, the city of Antwerp is also known for her historical city centre, many sights and her main shopping street De Meir. De Meir is the most important shopping areas in Belgium, with more than 100 shops and department stores and near public transportation. To this day, the city was equipped with automatic bollards and a system that required a lot of manual actions. To make this process more efficient and simplified for its users, the city of Antwerp decided to change and modernize its system. This decision was translated into a completely new solution created and provided by business partners FAAC and Nedap Identification Systems. The Nedap MOOV software and a total of 50 new installations with FAAC bollards will be installed by Krautli, a Belgian company known for its installations of parking access control systems.

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