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INTERNATIONAL | Q-Park Arsenaal is the missing link to local retailers in Venlo

Arsenaal parking garage in Venlo-Oost is built to be recyclable. – Photo: Anne Welzen

In May 2021, the new Q-Park Arsenaal parking garage in Venlo-Oost will be opened. The four-level car park means that 260 parking spaces have become available, including disabled spaces at the entrances and charging points for electric cars.
“This parking garage is very important for Venlo’s economy,” says Erik Manders, chairman of entrepreneurs collective “Especially for Venlo residents who wanted to shop at local retailers, it was the missing link in recent years. But also as ‘overflow’ on the busy ‘German’ days and for residents, the garage is very welcome.” Q-Park Arsenaal replaces the former Arsenal parking facility. The publicly accessible car park is an interim solution for at least the next eight years, on the way to a permanent solution for parking supply for visitors and residents in the city centre’s eastern section. Despite the temporary nature of the parking facility, it is a high-quality parking garage that fits perfectly into the streetscape. The car park is also built to be recyclable, which means that it can be fully disassembled and is suitable for reuse at another location in the long term.
“The new car park fits in perfectly with the cooperation we have with the municipality to keep the centre of Venlo easily accessible and welcoming,” says Fred Wilkes, Director Business Development of Q-Park Netherlands. “With this new location added, we offer seven locations in Venlo and can even better fulfill our role as the city’s mobility partner.”

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